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The Woman and The Devil

Sitting in the darkened corner of her room, her body rocking back and forth, the voices seeming to grow louder, hands tugging at her hair as she screams for them to stop; why was she being punished? Did she really need to ask that? She should have known she could not save her damned soul once the Devil's dark, poisonous claws had sunk into it. Now, here she was a screaming mess, a discarded human, pushed aside and buried away from society. She was not wanted, she was not needed. She was forgotten and the only things to keep her company were the thunderous voices she wished would go away. 
She had been a normal girl, a girl who had dreams, desires, and great ideas of where her life would be in a few years time. But every one has their darkest desires that they dare not utter. Everyone has that one thing they crave more than anything else and they would do anything to gain it but many turn away from that. Something that you crave so much can never be good. After all, too much of a good thing can turn into a dark, twisted tragedy. She knew that, many times she shied away from it. But the more her mind became consumed with this one desire, the more she seemed to be pulled into it. And what was her darkest, deepest desire you may ask? Well she was an average girl, average in every way. She craved to be more than average, she wanted to be exquisite in her beauty, exquisite in her job, exquisite to all those she met. It consumed her every thought, every waking moment and then every moment that she slept; her dreams would be invaded with all the possibilities that could come with such an exquisite lifestyle. And the Devil had been watching her. 
The Devil picked up on the sweet, intoxicating taste of her cravings. The more she craved it, the sweeter it began to taste. With a sinister smile on his lips he knew it would only be a matter of time before she came looking for him, seeking him out to help her get what she wanted. Yes there were a few nights when he howled like an angered wolf when she sought the help of God. They always turned to Him. He could not give her what she craved the most; but the Devil could. Soon her prayers to Him faded away and the Devil moved in. Slinking through the shadows of her room while she slept, the Devil would perch himself beside her, lean his sick and poisoned lips to her ear and in the softest of whispers he'd poison her thoughts. He'd make her come to him; he'd make her seek him out. Sickly sweet is the temptation that rolls off the Devil's forked tongue. Who could resist such temptation, especially when temptation revolved around what you craved the most in life. 
She did it. She went in search of the Devil. The more she sought him out, the darker her life became and she reveled in it. Soon she was ready to kneel before his altar, she took her place, she looked into the shadows, hesitant for only a moment before the soft words left her now tainted lips: 'I nail my soul to the Devil's altar in exchange for the exquisite life I crave to have. I crave the beauty, the power and everything that goes with such an extraordinary life. I'm tired of being a simple, average human. Help me. Please.' She had sealed her fate with those words and the Devil danced about in them, a sinister smile on his face. He rubbed his clawed hands together as he worked the plan into action for such a desire. Oh he just knew this was going to be so good, and her soul would taste so sweet when it was devoured. 
She got her wish; she got her beauty, her power. She reveled in it all, enjoyed it to the fullest, a beauty that was flawless, a career where she could do no wrong, a circle of friends many would kill to be a part of.  Oh what a life she had indeed and nothing could spoil that she was certain. So foolish, as are all humans; the Devil gave her the life she wanted, but it was on his terms. She had it for a few years but now it was time to collect what he wanted, her dark, damaged, twisted soul that was nailed to his altar. 
The whispers began and at first she shrugged it off, believed it to be her own over active imagination. But soon came the feeling of someone else being with her wherever she went, a constant presence in her life hanging over her like a thick, black cloud, slowly consuming her. The whispers became more frequent and then began to rise in volume. The whispers lead to the paranoid feeling that she was being watched and then that's when she started seeing them. Shadows at first, skittering around in the dark corners of her room, blurring past her when she was with friends or in some important meeting. She was losing it; she was so sure of it. She tried to calm down, tried to see reasoning in this sudden madness that had taken over her life. But it was no use; there was no reasoning with such evil. There was no way to ignore it. The more she tried the more she made the games the Devil was playing with her entertaining. He sent his little minions to wreak havoc on her thoughts, to send shivers down her spine when they would manifest for a split second before her eyes and then disappear once more. 
The Devil had his claws in her already, he could almost feel them sinking deeper into her soul, could almost taste the sweetness of her fear as it seeped out of her skin. He had her where he wanted her now. She had been driven mad. She had herself locked away in her apartment. She sat in the corner holding a cross, rocking back and forth, back and forth, over and over again, whispering pleas and begging for help from Him. The Devil could not help but laugh and it was now he would make his presence known: 'He can't save you now'. His demonic voiced snaked into her ears and her eyes widened at the sound, her heart pounding and the sweat trickling down her temples, eyes brimmed with tears of fear, her bottom lip quivering as she tried to fight back the fear and the tears. Her breathing hitched and she drew in a staggered breath. 'Pray all you want. He's turned His back on you. You wanted your exquisite life. Now I've come to take what is mine'
She screamed, a blood curdling scream passing her chapped lips and the tears spilled down her cheeks. The Devil, well of course he laughed and reveled in the sound of her screams. It was pure music to his ears, it even sent a shiver through his demonic form; but he wasn't done with her yet. Oh no, the Devil had a lot more in store for this little one.  The voices grew in volume, became thunderous and booming. The demons were more apparent now as they wreaked havoc on her eyes, flashing before them, making her cry out in fear and then of course they began their physical assaults. Her arms were gnawed on, claws raked down her back, bruises covered her body as she was lifted from the ground and thrown around the room. She was no longer safe, she couldn't hide from them and there was no way to hide from the Devil himself. 
Soon they came; people from the institute. They strapped her up so she 'couldn't harm herself'. She protested against their invasion.  She screamed out that the demons had got her, that Satan himself was here to claim her soul and her eyes widened when the large demonic form that belonged to the Prince of Lies manifested before her: You keep on screaming my sweet. They won't believe you. Another shattering scream escaped her lips and she began to wrench and tug, trying to break free from her captives but the more she struggled, the stronger they became and the louder the dark, evil laugh grew. The Devil enjoyed this immensely. 
But soon the Devil grew tired of his games and she grew to realize that there was no escaping it. With a sharp blade she managed to sneak into her cell after dinner that night, she ended her life; a long, slow slice to the throat, her eyes closing and a smile on her lips as the pain seared through her and her life began to drain away. She knew where she was going, but she had already had a taste of that in her mortal life. She welcomed it with open arms, embraced it like a mother would a child as the room grew dark and her mangled soul was thrown into the depths of Hell.


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