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Only The Best For Her

Only the best for her,
Only the best. 
Black lace and silk caress her body,
Black stockings to go with the perfect shoes that adorn her precious feet,
Only the best for her,
Only the best. 

Her raven black hair is dried and brushed,
Made to lay perfectly around the her face,
Her beauty seeming to radiate as it is embraced by the raven black curtains of her locks. 
Only the best for her, 
Only the best. 

Careful now,
Everything must be perfect. 
Her favourite colours are picked out,
Set neatly,
Black,the deepest reds,
A touch of blue and a spot of purple.
Mix them together,
Blend them well,
Make sure the perfect colours arise to make her features radiate and glow. 
Only the best for her,
Only the best. 

The slight rouge is applied first to the milky tones of her cheeks,
Followed closely by a blend of blues,blacks and purples,
Mixing and blending,
Shading and smudging,
Achieving the perfect look. 
A deep, ruby red is chosen for those plush lips, 
Apply it, 
Careful now,
There we are,
Perfection achieved. 
Only the best for her, 
Only the best. 

The jewelry is next, 
Make sure it's what she always wears. 
A ruby pendant placed on a delicate black choker.
Place it around her neck,
That's it. 
She's ready now. 

Friends and family have gathered here today,
Gathered to see her. 
Today everyone shares her love for the colour black, 
Today everyone is dressed in the colour she found such comfort in. 
Today, it's all about her,
Today everyone is here to pay attention to her. 
Oh, how peaceful she looks, 
Nestled between the dark silk interior if her coffin,
Her final resting place. 
Today everyone is here for her,
Everyone is looking at her,
Through the tears of sadness, 
There is love in those eyes,
Through the moans and whimpers of loss,
There is regret in those voices. 

A little too late to show they care, 
A little too late to pay attention to her, 
A little too late to express their love for her,
When she was alive is when she needed it most.
When she was alive she wanted to hear those words of acceptance, 
She wanted to know she was loved for who she was.
They only ever wanted the best for her, 
Only the best. 

Their best pushed her away, 
Their best drove her into her depression. 
Their best meant she had to change,
She didn't want to change for them, 
She wanted them to change their outlook on her. 
She needed them to accept her the way she was.
She wanted 'their best' to adapt to her,
To embrace her. 

Too late now,
Too late to whisper 'I'm sorry',
Too late to cry out 'I miss you!' 
Too late to scream and break down.
With the silver blade,
She took her life. 
Oh, how beautiful the ruby red drops of blood looked,
As they enveloped the silver blade. 
She died with a mixture of happiness and sadness. 
Only the best for her,
Only the best.


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