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The Way I See Her

The confidence rolls off her in powerful waves, 
Crashing down around me and empowering me. 
The belief she has in others to be better is astounding, 
That one person could have such faith in others to do better. 
She instills courage into those who do not have the power to do so themselves,
And to watch her do it is something quite amazing. 
But that's just the way I see her. 

Her eyes are deep, soulful and filled with wisdom beyond her years, 
And with them she has managed to cut through all the walls I had built up around me. 
She has seen right to my very core, 
Learned all that haunts me, 
All that keeps my heart in broken pieces, 
All that keeps me from moving on, moving forward and forgetting;
She has seen it all, called it forth and made me face it. 
She has not allowed me to back down,
She has not allowed me to cower and hide from my demons. 
Her eyes have managed to draw out all that I tried so hard to bury and forget, 
Not caring that it would poison me, 
Corrupt me and turn me into something shunned by most. 
But that's just the way I see her. 

She has a quick tongue, 
Many of which may find offensive but she is simply laying out the truth. 
She believes not in lies,
For lies are just another form of poison which fills us all with a corrupted force; 
She believes in truth and honesty,
She believes in being kind and not expecting anything in return. 
She has a heart of gold and an old soul;
Her beliefs in life are not seen in many today.
She is a fierce friend. 
But that's just the way I see her. 

I sit on the sidelines and watch her as she converses with the other men and women, 
Taking in the beauty of her,
Drinking in the sound of her voice and her laughter,
Inhaling deeply the scent of her, pulling her into me, 
Keeping her as close to me as I am able to. 
It is not hard to see why so many men crave her attention, 
Why so many men desire to have her for their own. 
However, I am yet to come across a man worthy to have her. 
She is far too good for them all, 
She is deserving of only the best and the best has not yet arrived. 
She deserves to be the destination of someone's journey, 
And not just a simple pit stop before they continue on their journey to find their destination.
But…That's just the way I see her.

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This still makes me choke up. I'm glad you saved it. (I have it saved too, just so you know.

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