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Nature will have its vengeance
Humans, the one species I will never understand….and I AM one. Or perhaps I’m not, perhaps I’m just some other completely different life form sent to this hellish planet to observe the barbaric and primitive lifestyle of these furless apes that walk around on the planet, thinking they own it simply because their god told them that they were on the top of the food chain, that they would be the ones to rule the land. It’s sickening actually and I’m waiting for them to be proven wrong.

Nature is not a force to be reckoned with, it is a force that should be both feared and respected because nature always has a way of wiping out what it deems to be unhealthy and a threat to its own well-being. In my opinion, humans are greatly upsetting the balance of things and one day Nature is going to decide that enough is enough. It will decide that it has been trodden on and smothered for far too long, that it has been poisoned and beaten one too many times and in its final fight to maintain its wild free spirited force, Nature will lash out and wipe this disease from its home.  I see humanity’s treatment of things in nature much like that of an oppressive ruler of a country, a dictator who holds a country in a tight, suffocating grip of unyielding oppression. The leader gets the army behind him so no one will question him and he wreaks havoc and chaos upon the country, bloodshed falling on his hands which he folds in prayer before his god asking for forgiveness for the sins he may have committed, yet feeling the slaughter of thousands of innocent women, men and children is something that needed to be done, for they were against him.

Humanity is like that with Nature. Humanity is the dictator and the army consists of the destructive machines that rip the earth to shreds and wreck the homes of animals to make way for the homes that humans need. The army is the poisonous gases that fill the lungs of animals when testing products that will be sold to humans; they have to be deemed safe first before they can be sold. I say test those products on humans; they’re the ones who are going to be using them. Everything that man creates which benefits him and him alone is harmful to Nature and all these things are what keep Nature oppressed, keep it locked away under the tight grip of fear; fear of being beaten down, abused, fear of losing more things that it holds dear to its wild beating heart. But it won’t stay like that for long. In the shadows of its prison Nature is building allies, strengthening bonds with everything that it loves and holds dear, giving strength to the entire flora and fauna that it encompasses; Nature has felt the painful sting of the oppressive whip for the last time and that anger and rage at what humanity has done to it will only make its vengeful strike that much greater.

If I were the rest of Humanity I’d be fearful because one day it will be too late to try and rectify the wrongs that have been done. It will be too late to make up for the abuse that has fallen upon the innocent animals of the earth, it will be too late to stop the poachers that slink into reserves and massacre the gentle giants of this planet simply to obtain the ivory they so greedily desire. It will be too late to try and save the animals and plants that should have been saved a long time ago. Humanity is blinded by its greed for wealth and power and before they know it, they will be the ones at the bottom of the food chain and they will be the cause of their own downfall. To planet earth, Human kind is a disease that has sunk into its very pores, caused a raging fever to spread and has been the cause of the breakdown of the planet. But nature will fight back and it will wipe this disease from the earth. Humans can pray to whatever god they want but they will only receive silence for even their gods must be shaking their heads and thinking that it was a mistake to make such a powerful entity. They should have known that creating a being like that would only spell disaster. Now their gods sit back in silence and help nature on its rightful course.

The planet is better off in the wild grasp of nature and if a natural disaster comes tomorrow to wipe this planet clean, I will welcome it with open arms.


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